Never Jill Stein: A Followup

Scott Lemieux at Lawyers Guns and Money directed me to this little tidbit from Dr. Stein:

I’m terrified of Donald Trump. I’m terrified of Hillary Clinton. And I’m most terrified of a political system and people who apologize for it.

Uh…Dr. Stein? This political system you say you are terrified of? You’re implicating yourself in it by running to lead it, are you not? You are participating in the electoral system, hoping to be successful enough at to get public funding…er, I mean, win the Presidency…(right, like that will happen…Ahem! Moving right along...) Suppose by some fluke you won the Presidency. Then you would have to work with Congress, appoint judges to the Supreme Court…in short, play a leading role in the very system that you say terrifies you so. Are we supposed to believe that you could single-highhandedly change the system by leading it? Or would you be riding the tiger in growing desperation for the duration of a four-year term?

Stein also claims that we needn’t Fear the Reaper (I mean, fear Donald Trump combined with a Republican Congress and Supreme Court), because Richard Nixon signed bills passed by a Democratic Congress and the then relatively liberal Supreme Court issued its Roe vs. Wade ruling during his presidency. I don’t know about you, but I was born in 1974, the year Richard M. Nixon resigned and…I have to admit, I’m getting on a bit. Things have changed a bit since I was born. Is Dr. Stein aware of the changes that have taken place in American politics over the last four decades? She might want to brush up on that, as well as on her history of the rise of Nazi Germany.

Somebody explain to me, please, how this person is qualified to lead a political movement or be President.


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