Never Jill Stein

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein has become the new great hope for the “Bernie or Bust” crowd. But frankly, I don’t understand the point of them supporting her. Aren’t these the people who say “you’ve got to support who you really believe in…think positive, man!”. Yet Stein’s whole selling point is “Vote for me because I’m not Trump or Clinton”. Certainly her own “insights” into politics and world history bode ill for anyone hoping to take her seriously as a potential U.S. President in her own right.

Yvonne Abraham in the Boston Globe captures Dr. Stein going the full Godwin:

Oh, and did you notice something else, Greens? Trump is a climate change denier.

But apparently, that doesn’t matter. Not to Stein, who made a triumphant appearance inside the convention hall Tuesday to stir things up, an appearance encouraged by a Fox Business personality who seemed to be running the disruption. WGBH reporter Adam Reilly captured the circus on video, asking Stein whether she was concerned that her opposition to Clinton might tip the election to Trump.

She sure wasn’t. The rise of right-wing extremism in this country, Stein said, is being driven by NAFTA, globalization, and the big banks, all promoted by “the Clintons,” she said.

“Putting another Clinton in the White House will fan the flames of this right-wing extremism,” she said. “We have known that for a long time, ever since Nazi Germany.”

I wasn’t aware that the Clintons were responsible for the rise of Nazi Germany. But seriously, this is a bit like a German politician in 1932 saying that because the current government’s austerity policies are fanning Nazism (as they were, in fact, doing) we might as well just cut out the middleman and let the Nazis take power right now.

Actually, not even. You can fault the Democrats for many things, but the majority of the policies hurting working people in the United States are currently being pushed by Republicans, not Democrats. In such a context, giving the Republicans more power would be disastrous.

This is why I could never, ever support Jill Stein. Her entire campaign is based on false equivalencies and utter recklessness with regard to issues that Greens are supposed to hold dear. Furthermore, if I were in a position to vote in this election (I am not a U.S. citizen) and I seriously thought the system was so rigged that my vote and any resulting electoral outcomes wouldn’t actually have any real-world consequences, why would I vote at all? I certainly wouldn’t vote Green just so that they could get some public funding to keep participating in such a meaningless electoral charade.



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