This Blog

I’ve started this blog to feature my writings on politics and economics, leaving A Beautiful Place to feature more creative-type writing and art. My goal is for this blog to include the following types of writing:

  1. Political essays
  2. Comments on interesting articles others have written
  3. Links to and summaries of research on topics relating to political and economic questions, including climate change and immigration.

I do approach these issues from a subjective standpoint, although I try to have an open, critical mind about things.

We are in a dark, disturbing time in many ways. The rise of Donald Trump to major party presidential contender in the United States despite his obvious unsuitability for the office of President even in terms of his personal temperament mirrors the rise of the far right in Europe. Bigotry and authoritarian attitudes are returning to fashion in many quarters, while in others a sort of nihilism has taken hold, whereby people feel that everything is phony and rigged so nothing they do really matters, even voting for a  unbridled narcissist and authoritarian bigot. However, while this blog will not ignore the hard truths of the present nor the ominous portents for the future, I hope to focus more on positive ideas for change and reasons for hope.



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