Nuance and Ideology

Some people don’t do well with nuance, especially when it comes to ideology of any kind- religious, political, whatever. They lose sight of the fact that people are more than two dimensional archetypes. Generally, I have found that people are complicated, complex, confused and confusing bundles of often contradictory feelings, impulses, insights, ideals, heavily fortified barbed wire borders, unexpected outpourings of compassion, and thoughts straining to make sense of it all. That doesn’t excuse the evil people do but it doesn’t bury the good in them either.

Unfortunately, some of the people who see themselves as activists or disciples have only one question: “friend or foe”? And when it turns out that the world won’t convert to their point of view right away, they may dismiss most of the people in this world as belonging to the enemy. And they forget that their initial impulse was, in fact, to help other people, not to revile them. I mean, wasn’t it?



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